Oficina da Capoeira ( NL ) -Estagiário Peninha Supervisie: Professor Neguinho ( BE ) Oprichter/founder: Mestre Ray


Name: Marcos Vinicius Santos Carvalho

I started with capoeira in 1995 at Mester Balão, who was still a professor at that time. He worked on a project called "Capoeiragem mirim". It was a charity project, a project involving about 60 children from around the world. Mestre Balão received them all in his academy. It was there that I had my first steps as capoeirista. It was also in that same project that I learned a little more about the foundations of capoeira. Fundamentals I Remember To Today. I also learned about the things of life that I still carry on. As time went on, Balão gave me the responsibility to continue the project itself near me where I lived. I myself coordinated the project, but Mrs Balão supervised the entire project.

I slowly felt that I needed to discover new places and to face new challenges in my life within the capoeira. It was in 2006 that I learned Grupo Oficina da Capoeira during a friend's invitation (Baud instutor).
It was there that I had my first contact with Mestre Ray, head of the group Oficina da Capoeira. Thus I feel a lot of sympathy for the group.

After a conversation with Mr. Ray in which I was explained to my group, I eventually joined my group, which I still wanted to achieve in the capoeira. Mestre Ray has added me a lot of basic things, especially about capoeira. And for this I am grateful to him.
Since I'm at Oficina da Capoeira, I'm starting to travel around the world to discover new roads in the capoeira, new roads that I followed, and I still keep following a lot of surrender.


First and foremost, I would like to thank God for everything.
My family, too, who supported me in all my decisions.
Mestre Balão, Contra-Mestre Papa, Prof Carol, Prof Calango, Mestre Ray!

Thanks to everyone who helped me in my way.

- Professor Neguinho