Oficina da Capoeira ( NL ) -Estagiário Peninha Supervisie: Professor Neguinho ( BE ) Oprichter/founder: Mestre Ray

Centro Cultural Grupo Oficina da Capoeira was founded in 1996 by Raimundo Ferreira de Sousa, Mestre Ray.
Teaching in the art that is capoeira is the foundation on which the group was built.

The group Oficina is committed to the development of many social projects in Brazil and teaches in various gyms, schools and universities, both in Brazil and in other countries. This often with the help of the government of the different regions.

By making his life work, and by his commitment to this art form, Mestre Ray has made sure that Oficina da Capoeira has an extensive database as it deals with capoeira and afro-Brazilian culture.
The group made this possible by the many featured videos, DVDs and CDs, but also by the written word.

This cultural involvement has not only caused African-American culture to become more famous and loved, but also that the social groups involved are more appreciated and that the patrimony is preserved.
This promotion and spread of Brazilian culture makes it possible for Oficina da Capoeira to connect with various agencies and institutes to expand a substantial network that far exceeds the country's borders.

A comprehensive history is passed through seminars, lessons, didactic methods, workshops and other activities.
The vision of Oficina is to close alliances for promotion, tolerance, understanding and appreciation of various cultures.

In Brazil, the professional teachers of Centro Cultural Oficina da Capoeira develop their work in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rondônia, and São Paulo. Outside Brazil, other teachers include 'Oficina da Capoeira' in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Columbia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America